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What you should know about our Family-Run Charters

Do I have to pay when I make the reservation?

A deposit is required within 24 hours of booking to secure your charter for the date and time you want. If we have not confirmed receipt of your deposit by this time, we will release your reservation.


Deposits can paid via Credit Card or Digital Wallet Apps such as Venmo/Paypal/ApplePay. Full payment is due on or before the day of reservation, prior to your scheduled departure.

What is the dress code?

First things first – shoes off! This is your time to kick back and relax. All clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for a day enjoying the water, sun and sand. 


Please be aware that some buttons/zippers/jewelry can tear, rip, or poke upholstery and other surfaces. Damage to our vessels due to such will be added to your charter fee, and additional charges can be applied depending on the damage and repairs required.

What is your smoking policy?

There is absolutely NO SMOKING at any time while on Coastlines Charters.

What is your Damage Policy?

The costs incurred for damage to our vessels from passengers during a charter will be added to your charter fee. This could include vessel repairs or extensive additional cleaning needed following a charter. Any such needs will be documented and saved for reference. The captain has the final say in damages that occurred.

What is your commitment to safety?

Coastlines Charters goes above and beyond to provide a safe and fun boating experience for all our guests. All guests 12 years old or younger are required to wear life jackets while our motors are running. Coastlines provides life jackets for all the younger guests on our charters.


It’s the job of our captains and crew to give you the opportunity to relax with your family and friends on the water. Prior to leaving the dock before any charter, our captain will give a quick rundown of the vessel as well as go over rules and procedures that we have in place for your safety and enjoyment.


All captains are CPR-certified and USCG-approved, with a vast knowledge of the water and areas. Each vessel is equipped with all USCG-required items, including life jackets for all and a first aid kit. Additionally, Coastlines Charters’ captains do not drink alcohol while working and while with our guests.

How do I communicate with my Captain?

Your captain is available for communication via our website,, within listed business hours.

What is your Illegal Drug/Weapons Policy?

There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of any illegal substances or weapons used or carried onboard our vessels. If detected or sighted, the charter will be immediately canceled, all passengers will be returned to the place of pick up and NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.

Additionally, our captains may bring in local authorities to handle these situations.

Is photography allowed?

Yes, take pictures! We encourage our guests to make memories on their charter and take all the pictures you want. Any pictures we take will be provided in your Private Member Section for download or sharing. 

What is your Injury Policy?

On the day of the charter, the person responsible for the booking and securing charter (charterer) and all adult passengers will need to sign accident and injury waivers prior to boarding our vessels. To view our waivers, CLICK HERE. 

A word on alcohol and other substances:

Coastlines Charters is a family-friendly business. We want all our guests to enjoy their time with us responsibly and legally. Adult guests are welcome to bring alcohol on board, provided they have proper identification showing proof of age. 


We have a ZERO tolerance policy toward the use of any illegal substances, weapons and on drunken or disorderly conduct. Any passenger who shows signs of being under the influence or acts in a manner that is disruptive to our crew or other passengers will be refused service and returned to the dock. In addition, the charter will immediately end for the entire party without a refund.

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